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Beauty is healthy. Yes, healthcare furniture has to include standard functions – cleanable, sterile, durable, and yes, healthy. Yet, Plural Studios believes the design criteria for healthcare furniture begins with people. Whether they are awaiting medical updates about a loved one in harsh fluorescent lighting or at a bedside here “in sickness and in health” was a vow they invested with soul equity, a comfortable place to sit should be the least of their worries. Yet, the latest-and-greatest healthcare furniture features harsh angles, clinical aesthetics, and, really, that color? As if people are not suffering enough in these uncomfortable settings. It doesn’t have to be this way, and Plural thinks there is more than one solution to providing thoughtful furniture solutions for healthcare. For starters, we engaged an accomplished commercial furniture designer to thoroughly disregard typical healthcare archetypes – ones that begin and end with manufacturer-centered quotas and metrics. Instead, we began by asking Brian Graham to consider how his elegant integration of form and function could inform a refreshing approach to adaptable healthcare furniture solutions. From the very first meeting where he effortlessly sketched new possibilities through detailed reviews of every manufacturing detail, Brian collaborated with the Plural team to prove that, indeed, beauty is healthy.

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