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Barbara and Anthony Brandt On Customer Experience

Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Customer Experience

Plural believes in the diverse possibilities of doing business, embracing multiple styles, methodologies, and perspectives. Their inclusive approach extends beyond the point of sale, as they strive to create a positive experience for installers, customers, and ongoing support. Plural aims to be a trusted partner to their customers, demonstrating their commitment beyond the initial transaction.


You know the name Plural almost has a social impact because we believe there’s more than one way to do business. There’s more than one style. There’s more than one methodology. There’s more than one point of view. So, I think for us Plural is about being encompassing.

Plural really means we don’t stop being Plural once the furniture leaves our dock. We’re plural through the entire process. We want to make it a great experience for the installers, the customers, and then the follow up; the warranty, the care and as time goes on. I think we’ll see more of how are we a partner to our customers.