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Barbara and Anthony Brandt On Designing for Healthcare

Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Designing for Healthcare

By bringing on Brian Graham and Love Good Color, the goal is to design beautiful and calming furniture that provides comfort and peace of mind, ultimately influencing how patients feel and heal in healthcare environments. Additionally, the collaboration with color expert Lauric Guido Clark ensures that the color palettes used further enhance the overall experience.

Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Designing for Healthcare


I think where my inspiration comes from– I’m visual, and beauty drives me. I want to make beauty. I want to share beauty. When people are in an environment, I want it to feel fabulous. inspiration for me will come from art and from other design. You know whether it’s furniture, it can be an automobile; It just sparks me. And it creates an energy that I want to pull through and infuse into the company. 

Inspiration for me, I think comes from all the people around me. From work ethic to lot of the business functions. I’m constantly curious, I think, in how to improve systems. I’m constantly drawn to the unknown because I know there’s so much out there that we’re not aware of yet and I want to take that same curiosity in life and bring it back into business.