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Barbara and Anthony Brandt On Partnerships

Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Partnerships

Anthony Brandt and his mother Barbara Brandt, co-founders of Plural Studios believe in the importance of relationships in their business. They value mutual respect, selecting partners based on their shared values, and emphasize the significance of trust and expertise. They view Plural as a community driven by passion and energy.


My name is Anthony Brandt. I’m one of the co-founders of Plural Studios. And this my mother and business partner Barbara Brandt. 

Well, you know, classically I love what Anthony used to say where he’s the gas pedal and I’m the brake. Which kind of goes back to the name Plural. How plural be more than one we are more than one kind of person or partnerships. So you need a lot of mutual respect, but we’re very different. Different people. Yeah. 

So I think between us and all our partners that we all bring different strengths to the organization. I think naturally Barb and I want to do right by people so much, that it’s a driving force in our business, and it’s almost a non-negotiable for how we select partners. And that’s how we we view it; we don’t want to be in a transactional business and and that comes along with the company and our brand is relationships. 

Its all about relationships and doing what we say we we’re going to do. That’s how you maintain the relationship and grow it. You work hard for people you care about. It’s incredible, the people we’ve gotten to know. And we trust them, you know, that’s the secret. You’ve just got to lean on people who have the expertise. 

It’s great having that camaraderie together and feeling like this is Brian’s designs, he knows it’s going to fit the ethos of the company. The reason why we designed to that, or Laura picking the colors are based off of core values versus market trends, and the grant collaborative team. I mean, just putting a voice to the passion of how we feel and what we want to do with this opportunity. You hope that tomorrow you get to do it as well, and that’s the most exciting thing for me, that energy.  You can feel it and it’s so cool for me to be a part of that. I feel like Plural is it’s own community.