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Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Sustainability

Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Sustainability

Discover sustainable furniture that lasts and benefits both you and the environment. We prioritize materials, ensuring they are eco-friendly and safe for both our craftsmen and customers, while also considering the long-term well-being of those involved in the manufacturing process. Experience quality and conscious furniture from the first FSC certified company in Arizona.


For us, sustainability means that when you spend money on something, it lasts a long time and serves you well. That’s the first thing. The materials that it’s made of are important. And that’s part of our story too. But to build a quality product that’s durable, really is a big deal.

I think there’s a lot of ways to look at sustainability. It could have an environmental impact, it could have a benefit to the building certifications. I think a really interesting unexplored version of sustainability is how are we designing and building furniture. That’s one, sustainable with material but sustainable to the health of the people making the furniture as well. So what kind of off-gassing from materials are they breathing? What repetitive motions are they having so they don’t get a carpal tunnel? How are we looking at the health of the people that are making the furniture, but also to where it goes. I think it’s a circular system. I think we’re fortunate to be able to control all of our materials that we pick. None of it is imported. So we know exactly what the chemical makeup is in the foam, what type of woods we use, what kind of finishes we have.

We’re really particular about the materials we use. We were the first FSC certified furniture company in Arizona. And we’re constantly looking for ways to incorporate elements that serve the environment for a long time.

We’re working with the factories. Is this furniture easy or hard to manufacture on employees day in and day out? That that’s a big untold part of it. There’s it’s a direct impact to people in the United States that have these jobs. Are we making this so it it hurts them down the line? Or are we doing the best practices to keep them healthy and happy? And then when the furniture is deployed, or the materials that we’re using, benefiting the end user and enhancing the experience?