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The health of our employees, our community, and our planet is foremost in our consideration of our manufacturing processes.  We take a comprehensive approach to being good stewards of our environment and resources.

Product Localization:  One way we reduce waste is through product localization and regional manufacturing. By building the product as close to the end user as possible, our product localization process minimizes freight and logistics costs, reduces transportation and waiting wastes, and allows you to get your product at a lower cost and with a shorter lead time. 

Raw Material Management:  By handling raw material acquisition, we’re able to lower your cost. We also work in pull, letting your demand dictate how much material we source. By only purchasing what is needed, we avoid excess material, additional storage costs, and overproduction.

Just-in-time Production System:  This method of production relies on pull from our clients, letting demand dictate how much product we create. This allows our clients to get the right amount of product at the right time—all while eliminating overproduction and storage waste. JIT production allows us to produce in bit rather than batch, so we can manufacture smaller quantities in shorter lead times and meet specific client needs with minimal waste.

Facilities:  Our Phoenix manufacturing facility utilizes 80% of the energy needs from solar panels.  Our Seattle manufacturing facility conducts waste tours to help teams learn to see waste as the enemy and show team members how they can help each other reduce waste together. Our method includes conversations with a variety of team members, in-depth training on the 7 wastes, and an introduction to the improvement tools we use including truth, bit, and pull. You will experience Team Train, Team Clean, Visual management Tools, and Kaizen Problem-Solving.  We’ve found that touring teams are frequently surprised to learn how much waste exists in their world and are eager to explore removing waste as they return to work. Guests become inspired as they learn more about Kaizen and how they can apply it in their own lives, and we become inspired by how much we learn from our guests.

We believe that of all our sustainability policies, creating furniture with a timeless esthetic and solid construction quality is the best assurance that your furniture will endure beautifully for years to come.