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The Terms and Conditions of Sale pertain to all quotations, orders and contracts for Plural Studios furniture products.


Except where noted, all prices are List. Prices are F.O.B. and are subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include freight, installation, taxes, tariffs or storage. Plural reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

Payment Terms

Standard terms are a 50% deposit with the balance due prior to shipment. Accounts with approved credit can be given terms of 50% deposit with balance of NET 30 days. All accounts are subject to the customer’s credit limit. Any account exceeding Plural’s normal payment terms will be assessed a service charge of 1.5% per month, accrued monthly.

Cancellation and Order Changes

All purchase orders accepted by Plural are considered firm and binding and are not subject to cancellation.  Requests for order changes must be made in writing.  Plural reserves the right to not accept the requested changes.  Plural may accept a change order after first establishing the time and costs to do so, including labor, materials, additional freight and administrative costs.


Plural Studios is not responsible for failures of delivery when those failure are caused by matters beyond Plural’s reasonable control. Beyond Plural’s reasonable control include, but are not limited to, war, terrorism, pandemics, labor disputes, supply chains for raw materials, supplies, transportation, fire, acts of God and nature, societal unrest, acts of government.


Plural has no storage capacity for completed orders. No shipment can be postponed by the customer. If a customer cannot accept delivery of goods when ready for shipment, Plural does not have an ability to assist, and the finished products should not be placed in an environment where temperature and humidity are not controlled. Plural’s Warranty is invalidated with such conditions. Proper parameter for storage conditions resemble those standards for people: a temperature range of 50-80 F and humidity held to between 25-40%.

If Plural arranges transportation to a storage facility, such transfer to the storage facility shall be deemed delivery to the customer and an invoice shall be issued at that time. All costs associated with the delivery, including rental for storage and the risks of damage and loss involved, are the responsibility of the customer.

Freight Damage  

If concealed damage is found: Notify Plural Customer Service within ten (10) calendar days of delivery. Without this inspection the transportation company will not entertain a claim for loss or damage. If the carrier will not perform the inspection, you should prepare an affidavit that you contacted the carrier, noting the time and date, and that the carrier failed to comply with your request. All shipping cartons and inner packing must be retained for carrier inspection. Do not move the damaged merchandise from the receiving location. It must also be retained for the inspection.

Plural advises that all products be inspected at the time of delivery. Do not receive or sign for damaged goods. If there is any damage, document and photograph the damage thoroughly including the outside of the box and its contents. Expedite your claim by sending your documentation to Plural.  Plural is responsible to file all freight claims.  

If damage is concealed, only being noticed when unpacked, it should be documented and the carrier and Plural be contacted within 5 days of delivery to request an inspection. If the carrier fails to answer the request for an inspection, this along with the documentation will reinforce the claim. If the customer does not report damage in a timely manner, this will increase the position of the carrier as not being at fault. In these cases, replacement responsibility falls to the customer.

If too many goods are delivered or too few, do not accept the delivery until it is noted on the bill of lading and the freight bill. Contact Plural Customer Service immediately.

Repair Charges

Reimbursement from Plural for repairs must have prior approval.

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