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Complete your space with Plural Pillows!

Color and texture infuse comfort and personality into any setting. Pillows effortlessly elevate a simple space into one that exudes warmth and hospitality. With options including six sizes, two edge details, and your choice of unlimited fabrics, Plural Pillows amplify your design aesthetic.

  • Inserts are encased in 100% cotton and filled to 110% capacity with Trillium, a hypoallergenic synthetic down that doesn’t pack or crush over time, resulting in pillows that are plump and beautiful for years.
  • Hidden zippers make Plural pillows attractive from any side or angle.
  • Pillows are shipped in recyclable plastic sleeves with location labels (example: Room 210 CH6-A) to make placement fast and accurate.
  • Specify any textile you wish. Plural will manage all procurement, tracking, and receiving activities.

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