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Our holistic materials palette empowers designers and end users to specify with intentional joy and forge emotional connections between people, products, and space. Plural’s material solutions lead to discovery with endless combinations of color, textiles, solid surfaces, wood, metal, and laminate finishes.

Results: 34
Nevamar Gunmetal S6020
A, Gray, Laminate, Nevamar, S6020, Solid
Formica Fossil 5349-58
5349-58, B, Formica, Green, Intentional + Empathic, Laminate, Palette-11, Solid
Nevamar Platinum Gray S6023
A, Gray, Inspired, Joyful + Optimistic, Laminate, Nevamar, Palette-3, Palette-5, Real + Adaptable, S6023, Solid
Nevamar Jett Black S6053SM
B, Black, Laminate, Nevamar, S6053-SM, Solid
Pionite Bankers Gray SG214
A, Gray, Laminate, Palette-1, Pionite, Real + Adaptable, SG214, Solid
Formica Terril 2297-58
2297-58, B, Brown, Formica, Gray, Laminate, Solid
Formica Moonstone 7972-58
7972-56, B, Formica, Gray, Laminate, Solid
Nevamar Chalk White S7024
A, Laminate, Nevamar, S7024, Solid, White
Nevamar Wrought Iron S6054
A, Gray, Intentional + Empathic, Laminate, Nevamar, Palette-10, Palette-2, Real + Adaptable, S6054, Solid
Formica Sail White 463-58
463-58, B, Formica, Inspired, Joyful + Optimistic, Laminate, Palette-4, Solid, White
Formica Just Rose 8858-58
8858-58, B, Formica, Intentional + Empathic, Laminate, Palette-10, Pink, Solid
Wilsonart Casual Linen 4944-38
4944-38, A, Beige, Brown, Laminate, Pattern, Wilsonart
Wilsonart Designer White D354
A, Laminate, White, Wilsonart
Wilsonart Battleship 5014-38
5014-38, B, Gray, Laminate, Pattern, Wilsonart
Wilsonart Classic Linen 4943-38
4943-38, A, Beige, Brown, Laminate, Pattern, Wilsonart
Wilsonart Crisp Linen 4942-38
4942-38, A, Beige, Fulfilled, Included + Collaborative, Gray, Laminate, Palette-7, Pattern, Wilsonart
Wilsonart Grey 1500-38
1500-38, A, Gray, Laminate, Solid, Wilsonart
Wilsonart Magnolia 5012-38
5012-38, B, Beige, Fulfilled, Included + Collaborative, Inspired, Intentional + Empathic, Joyful + Optimistic, Laminate, Palette-11, Palette-12, palette-6, Palette-9, Pattern, Price Guide, Wilsonart
Wilsonart Mushroom 5013-38
Wilsonart Platinum D315-38
A, D315-38, Fulfilled, Gray, Included + Collaborative, Laminate, Palette-8, Solid, Wilsonart
Formica Blond Cedar 8576-58
B, coordinates-with-w09, Formica, Laminate, Wood