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Our holistic materials palette empowers designers and end users to specify with intentional joy and forge emotional connections between people, products, and space. Plural’s material solutions lead to discovery with endless combinations of color, textiles, solid surfaces, wood, metal, and laminate finishes.

Results: 20
Sugar Washed Beech W08
Beech, C, Inspired, Joyful + Optimistic, palette-6, Wood
Sockeye Beech W03
Beech, C, Wood
Blueberry Beech W07
Beech, C, Fulfilled, Included + Collaborative, Palette-8, Wood
Medium Grey Oak W16
C, Oak, Palette-1, Real + Adaptable, Wood
Light Oak W13
C, Fulfilled, Included + Collaborative, Oak, palette-6, Palette-7, Wood
Dark Walnut W20
C, Fulfilled, Fulfilled, Included + Collaborative, Included + Collaborative, Palette-9, Walnut, Wood
Dark Grey Oak W17
C, Intentional + Empathic, Oak, Palette-10, Wood
Dark Beech W11
Beech, C, Palette-3, Real + Adaptable, Wood
Spearmint Beech W05
Beech, C, Wood
Espresso Walnut W21
C, Palette-2, Real + Adaptable, Walnut, Wood
Baltic Birch W01
Birch, C, Inspired, Joyful + Optimistic, Palette-4, Wood
Coconut Washed Beech W09
Beech, C, Wood
Natural Oak W14
C, Fulfilled, Included + Collaborative, Intentional + Empathic, Oak, Palette-11, Palette-8, Wood
Natural Beech W10
Beech, C, Intentional + Empathic, Palette-11, Wood
Washed Walnut W18
C, Inspired, Joyful + Optimistic, Intentional + Empathic, Palette-12, Palette-5, Walnut, Wood
Black Beech W12
Beech, C, Wood
Pistachio Beech W04
Beech, C, Intentional + Empathic, Palette-12, Wood
Huckleberry Beech W06
Beech, C, Wood
Natural Walnut W19
C, Walnut, Wood
Butterscotch Beech W02
Beech, C, Wood