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Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Brian Graham

Barbara and Anthony Brandt on Brian Graham

We were drawn to Brian’s design aesthetic and his genuine personality, leading us to enter the healthcare market with the goal of creating beautiful furniture with healing qualities. Brian’s malleable product line perfectly aligns with our vision, expressing elegance and tranquility, and we are thrilled to introduce these products to the market, starting with his upcoming collections.


I’ve been a fan of Brian for a while. And I think it’s his design aesthetic. And just the person he is that we were really drawn to, we want to jump into the healthcare market to create beautiful furniture that has healing aspects to it. And Brian, through the last couple years has been a great person for us to reach out to give feedback direction. He’s been available to us in a very friendly capacity of wanting us to succeed. He’s such a human, and he treats people in that same capacity that it fell right in line with our core values. And when we talked about designing beautiful, healthier furniture, that it was such a natural fit.

Brian has created a malleable product line for us that can be tailored in so many ways to express the design intent in the space. He has an elegance to his design, and there’s just a calmness to it. It’s the perfect fit. It makes me so happy to be able to bring this kind of product for those environments to the market. We’re excited about his two collections that are coming out and there’ll be more.