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Avila Series

Avila is the quintessential adaptable seating collection with standard and high back options, long, short, or curved chairs; and multiple table, arm, and leg options. Integrated clean-outs and solid surface components also provide extremely functional and beautiful seating configurations in high-use spaces. Make your own design statement with Avila’s vast finishes, arm options, and sculpted wood or metal legs.


The Avila collection of lounge furniture offers a wide array of shapes and components for endless configurations in both public and private spaces.

Close up of horizontal flute detail.

Seat backs feature an optional horizontal flute for added elegant detailing.

Close up of upholstered chair covers.
Avila Replaceable Upholstery

All cushioned products feature standard field-replaceable upholstery to easily create a healthy and sustainable choice for healthcare seating.

Close up of ganged table and leg position.

A simple ganging leg component easily connects seats and tables for unlimited configuration options.

Close up of leg detail.

Tapered legs are available in both wood and metal options. Legs also include a ganging version to share between two adjacent units or single legs to create freestanding furniture.

Close up of clean-out detail

Push-Through Clean-Outs between the seat and back insure ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Close up of molded arm detail.
Molded Arms

Elegant molded arms are available in White Oak or Walnut veneer in a range of beautiful finishes.


All upholstered seams feature an elegant top-stitch and exceptional attention to details. 

Avila Inspiration Starters

Concept A - Seating are with two Avila lounge chairs with upholstered arms, two Pilsen drum tables and and an Avila sofa with molded wood arms.
Concept A


• Approximately 10′ x 6′


Avila Sofa with molded wood arms
• 2 Avila lounge chairs with upholstered arms
• Pilsen 18 x 20 round table

Concept B - connected seating configuration featuring  an Avila lounge chair with left arm facing molded wood arm, single depth table, lounge chair, single depth table, and avila lounge chair with right arm facing molded wood arm.
Concept B


• Approximately 9′-6″ x 2′-6″


Avila three-seater configuration with two narrow tables and molded wood arms
• 3 Avila lounge chairs with molded wood arms on each end
• 2 single depth narrow tables

Concept C - configuration featuring an Avila double depth table, two double sided sofas, a double depth table, two double sided sofas, and a double depth table.
Concept C


• Approximately 19′-8″ x 4′-8″


Avila double-sided sofa configuration with double depth tables
• 4 double-sided sofas
• 3 double depth tables

Concept D - configuration of an Avila sofa with left arm facing molded wood arm, narrow wedge table, inside quarter, narrow wedge table and sofa with right arm facing molded wood arm.
Concept D


• Approximately 10′ x 10′


Avila corner configuration
• Sofa with LAF molded wood arm
• 2 narrow wedge tables
• Inside quarter
• Sofa with RAF molded wood arm


Standard back option
Standard Back
Fluted back option
Fluted Back
High back option
High Back

Armless option
Upholstered Arms Option
Avila Upholstered Arms Option
Molded wood arm option
Molded Wood Arm
Metal leg option
Metal Leg
Wood leg option
Avila Wood Leg Option
Table with solid surface option
Solid Surface Table
Table with wood surface option
Wood Table
Table with laminate surface option
Laminate Table

Statement of Line


Lounge Chair
Lounge Chair
Lounge Chair with Molded Wood Arms
Avila Sofa Featured Product Image
Avila Lounge Soft with Upholstered Arms Featured Product Image
Sofa with Upholstered Arms
Avila Sofa with Molded Wood Arms Featured Product Image
Sofa with Molded Wood Arms



Link to Avila Sofa
Link to Avila Double Sided Sofa
Double Sided Sofa
Link to Avila High Back Sofa
High Back Sofa
Link to Avila Double Sided High Back Sofa
Double Sided High Back Sofa
Link to Avila Lounge Chair
Lounge Chair
Link to Avila Inside Wedge
Inside Wedge
Link to Avila Inside Quarter
Inside Quarter
Link to Avila Outside Wedge
Outside Wedge
link to Avila Outside Quarter
Outside Quarter


Link to Avila Upholstered Arms
Avila Lounge Chair with Upholstered Arms
Link to Avila Molded Wood Arm
Molded Wood Arm


Link to Avila Single Depth Table
Single Depth Table
Link to Avila Double Depth Table
Double Depth Table
Link to Avila Narrow Wedge Table
Narrow Wedge Table
Link to Avila Wide Wedge Table
Wide Wedge Table


Link to Avila Quarter Circle Bench
Quarter Circle Bench
Link to Avila Double Width Bench
Double Width Bench
Link to Avila Round Ottoman
Round Ottoman
Link to Avila Single Width Bench
Single Width Bench
Link to Avila Wide Wedge Bench
Wide Wedge Bench

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